How to Buy a Car in Another State

Like a lot of Freehold drivers, you may be wondering, “Can I buy a car out of state?” Buying a car in another state then bringing it back to New Jersey is not difficult, especially if you follow the steps below. Honda Universe of Lakewood is here to help. So, we’ve put together some simple instructions below for buying a car out of state.

Can I Buy a Car Out of State if I’m Paying with Cash?

The seller should present you with the title if you’re paying cash upfront instead of financing when buying a car out of state. In some ways, this makes buying a car in another state a little simpler than if you finance it.

How to buy a car in another state if you’re not financing it:

  1. Gather the documentation you need. This includes the out-of-state title, your New Jersey driver’s license, social security number, proof of insurance, and manufacturer’s certificate of origin showing the sales tax-satisfied stamp (If the out-of-state dealership is not authorized to collect New Jersey sales tax, you will need to pay the sales tax to get the vehicle registered.)
  2. Fill out the applications. In New Jersey, this includes the Certificate of Ownership — Form OS/SS-7 and the Registration Form BA-49.
  3. Visit your local MVC office. The law requires you to visit the MVC office in person. You can find your nearest office by consulting the government webpage here. Once your documentation is reviewed and you have paid the fees, you will receive New Jersey license plates, registration, and a receipt for title information.
  4. Expect to receive the title by mail in two to four weeks.
  5. Have your vehicle inspected. The law requires that your vehicle pass inspection within 14 days of registration. You can have it inspected at a commercial facility or a New Jersey Inspection Station.

Can I Buy a Car Out of State if I’m Financing It?

Generally, you will not get a title right away if you’re using financing when buying a car out of state. So, if you’re buying a car in another state while financing it, the process is just a little different. Basically, you’ll want to follow all of the instructions above for how to buy a car in another state with the following exceptions:

  • Instead of bringing the title to the MVC, you’ll need to bring the Entity Identification Number (EIN) and address of the lender.
  • The state will mail the title to the lender or lien holder instead of you. The lender will keep the title until you have paid the car off.

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