How to Be Fuel Efficient

2021 Honda Civic on Highway

When Lakewood drivers buy a new or used vehicle, fuel economy is a major factor at play. However, as most know, fuel efficiency is also a matter of fuel efficient driving habits. How can you save fuel while driving on hills, and what other techniques exist you may not know about? Honda Universe has information on how to be fuel efficient below!    

How to Be Fuel Efficient: Driving Habits to Pick Up 

Fuel efficient driving habits are like any other habit: you can adapt them if you just dedicate a little thought to them every day. It’s true that complications can arise in Freehold and Toms River depending on the climate and the weather. Let’s look at how to be fuel efficient in any situation: 

  • Acceleration: Smooth acceleration is key. As you’ll see in many of these tips, slamming your pedals is going to negatively affect fuel efficiency. 
  • Avoid Traffic: Sometimes this is easier said than done. All the same, a good fuel efficient driving habit to pick up is avoiding stop-and-go traffic. Plan around busy times of day, and try to keep distance from big traffic build-ups. 
  • Coast to Stops: It never feels great to have to slam brakes — and it’s not a fuel efficient driving habit either! When you’re coming up to a stop, be gentle on the pedals to add to your fuel efficiency. 
  • Hills: So, how can you save fuel while driving on hills? It’s a simple matter of not putting too much stress on your vehicle, slowing down uphill and letting gravity do its work downhill. 
  • Reduce AC: Your AC system is a big gas guzzler, so try to use it sparingly. At the same time, when you’re driving on fast highways, having all the windows open can be bad for your fuel economy. Use the recirculate function. 
  • Drive Slowly: Slow and steady wins the race for fuel efficiency. Don’t accelerate into crazy high speeds, especially if you know you’re going to have to slow down soon! 

Increasingly affordable vehicles like the Accord Hybrid and CR-V Hybrid help reward your fuel efficient driving habits with some of the best fuel economy ratings on the Jackson market.   

Learn More with Honda Universe  

Still wondering how you can save fuel while driving on hills? At Honda Universe, we’re happy to help Lakewood drivers with service tips and fuel-efficient vehicles. Contact us today to learn more about fuel efficient Honda vehicles and how you can start saving on trips to the gas station!    

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