Why Is My Steering Wheel Shaking?

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If you find that your steering wheel shakes at high speeds or is shaking when you brake, you’re probably wondering what to do when your steering wheel shakes and what it means. Most of the time, a shaky steering wheel is caused by unbalanced or misaligned wheels. However, a variety of other issues may be to blame instead.
If you’re concerned about safety, Honda Universe service technicians can answer questions like “Why Is my steering wheel shaking?” and advise next steps over the phone. Read on for our guide to determining the cause of a shaky steering wheel — and what you can do about it before your next commute in Freehold.

Five Common Causes for a Shaky Steering Wheel

When your steering wheel shakes at high speeds in Toms River or shakes when you brake in Jackson, you may be wondering if it’s safe to drive your car. You can still drive your car with a shaking steering wheel, but it does indicate that you should speak with an expert technician as soon as possible. The majority of shaky steering wheels are due to the five following issues:

  1. Unbalanced Wheels — Weight should be evenly distributed between all four tires. If the tires aren’t sharing the weight equally, you’ll feel the vehicle vibrating after a tire change or rotation. This issue occurs more frequently for vehicles with lightweight suspension systems. Not resolving this issue in a timely manner may damage shocks, struts, and other steering components.
  2. Wheel Misalignment — Driving over large potholes or railroad tracks too quickly can knock your car’s wheels out of alignment. Check for this by inspecting tread on your tires. If it appears uneven, misaligned wheels are causing your steering wheel to shake.
  3. Bad Bearings — Friction from bad bearings or inadequate lubrication can cause a shaky steering wheel. If bearings are the cause, you’ll notice that the shaking only occurs as you turn the wheel. To solve this problem, you can oil the bearings, or schedule a service appointment to replace them if there’s damage.
  4. Suspension Issues — Worn or loose parts in the suspension system, or an imbalanced driveshaft, may cause shaking. While these problems are easy to fix, delaying them can quickly lead to more serious damage.
  5. Brake Issues — A steering wheel that shakes only as you apply the brakes, the most likely cause is a problem with your vehicle’s brakes. To fix the problem, schedule service to replace the brake pads.

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We often hear from Jackson and Lakewood-area drivers about mysterious auto issues. “My steering wheel shakes” is just one of many! Whether you drive a compact car or crossover, learn more about maintaining your Honda maintenance schedule and replacing worn parts, and learn about car repair financing. Order genuine OEM parts online or call your Honda Universe, your local Honda service center!


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